1. DNAcare - Digital New Album care

It provides many tools to filter an image, includes image histogram, 3-D perspective and macro functions.

It provides maps and location information, includes image header information.

It provides face detection and perspective view, includes frame animation.

It provides coloring, includes edge detection for coloring.

It provides notes, includes notes saving for results of image processing.

2. PUSHni - PUSH and Incoming

SECURE MESSAGING - connections established through invitation and consent.

1. Using an E-MAIL ADDRESS to establish a connection, send and receive UNLIMITED TEXTS and photos for free with the iOS devices worldwide.

2. E-mail addresses WILL NOT BE SAVED in PUSHni, because the invitation e-mail is sent using iPhone's own software.

3. The sender's personal information is NEVER CREATED in PUSHni.


1. You will NOT BE ASKED for any personal information, foregoing the need for a username and password.

2. NO PHONE line is necessary to establish a connection.

3. Rapid transmission of current geographic information.

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